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Not all silk vendors are created equal. Manito is headquartered in North America where we maintain inventory. We offer Free Shipping anywhere in North America for orders of $50 or more. Manito designs its products here, for western colors, tastes and style. Our parent company manufactures everything we sell. Buy our luxury silk bedding, silk sleepwear, silk pillowcases and our many more high quality products with absolute confidence.

Silk Tip #39: Silk & Night Sweats

An amazing benefit of silk sheets is their ability  to absorb moisture. On average, silk sheets can absorb up to 30% of their weight without feeling damp or dewy. Silk will not only ventilate moist air throughout the night, but absorb any excess moisture that leaves your body, without leaving you feeling dry.



Silk Tip #38: Stylists Recommend Silk!

If you want the softest hair possible, silk is the ideal bedding for you. Stylists recommend silk pillowcases to their clients to help them keep their hair lush, healthy and strong.



The Top 5 Holiday Scams to Watch Out For

17384662_sThe holidays are a wonderful time of year. Leading up to this season, you’ll likely spend a great deal of time selecting the perfect gifts for family and friends, and more and more we are shopping online. While the holiday season is mostly fun and games, you should also be aware of the more serious aspect of the season -- scamming. Thieves see the holiday season as a prime opportunity to take what they want from unsuspecting people. To prevent yourself from become a victim, keep an eye out for the following five holiday scams while shopping online this season:

1. Holiday "job" opportunities

Identity theft is rampant throughout the year. The holidays, however, are when the identity thieves flood everyone with all of their cleverest tricks. One common scam that identity thieves use during the holidays is to entice people who are seeking a little bit of extra cash for the holiday season. Since a real job requires you to provide personal details like your name, address, contact information and social security number, thieves will post seasonal "job opportunities" online in an effort to acquire your personal information. To avoid this, keep an eye out for the following red flags:

  • Unusually high pay for the work
  • Very little information about the hiring process
  • High-pressure to accept the job from the "employer"
  • Requests to purchase items that "qualify" you for a job
  • Request for upfront payments Continue Reading