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Not all silk vendors are created equal. Manito is headquartered in North America where we maintain inventory. We offer Free Shipping anywhere in North America for orders of $50 or more. Manito designs its products here, for western colors, tastes and style. Our parent company manufactures everything we sell. Buy with absolute confidence.

How to Keep Skin Hydrated This Fall

woman-legs-relaxation-beautyYour skin is not only the biggest organ of the body; it is also one of the hardest working ones. Unlike your body's other organs, it is open to the elements and is constantly under attack from dirt, chemicals, weather conditions and hard work. To stay in top condition, it needs to be cared for day in and day out. One of the key aspects of skin care is hydration, particularly as the weather becomes drier and cooler. Here are a few ideas on how to keep skin hydrated this fall:

Working from the inside out

Your skin may be on the outside, but good hydration begins on the inside. The average adult needs between two and three liters of fluid every day. Some of this will come from food, but the best source of hydration remains pure, fresh water. If you really don't like plain water, flavored varieties will work just as well. Other drinks do count towards your fluid intake, but try to avoid high sugar and carbonated drinks. The same is true of caffeinated beverages. A well-hydrated body will make the skin look and feel more supple. It will also be less likely to dry out and crack in dryer weather conditions. Continue Reading


Silk Tip #32: Silk Fabric Dyes

Manito silk fabrics are dyed according to the highest standards for environmentally responsible coloring. Our dying process ensures that your bedding has a deep, rich color throughout.



Silk Tip #31: Storing Your Silk

When not in use, your silk bedding, duvets and pillowcases should always be stored in a cool, dry place. Keep your bedding away from direct sunlight to preserve the amazing natural properties of the silk.