Not all silk vendors are created equal. Manito is headquartered in North America where we maintain inventory. Manito designs its products here, for western colors, tastes and style. Our parent company manufactures everything we sell. Buy with absolute confidence.

Celebs who love Manito: Anne Dowd

These days, it seems all of our favourite TV shows have something fabulous in common: Anne Dowd.
Masters of Sex. Leftovers. Pan Am. Louie. True Detective! Anne has an amazing TV resume, and we love every minute of it. We met her at the 2013 Independent Spirit ...


Mulberry Silk vs. Wild Silk

A Mulberry Farm

What is Mulberry Silk?
People have been using silkworm cocoons to produce silk for more than five millennia, meaning that it is no coincidence that silkworms happen to be one of the small number of insect species that have been domesticated over the ages.
In much the same manner as other domesticated animals, people have ...


Silk Duvets vs. Down Duvets

Silk Duvets vs. Down Duvets
When you crawl into bed after a very long day, nothing else can compare to comfort and feel of silk bedding. Not even a down duvet can match up to silk. Not convinced? Here are 3 reasons why silk wins over down, every time:
Silk duvets let your skin breathe while you sleep. Pure mulberry ...