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Celebs who love Manito, Holiday Edition: June Squibb.

As the holidays fast approach, so many of us turn our thoughts to family. Hey, it may not be all good, but come time for the holidays we all want to remember the best parts and have the best times and give (and receive) the best gifts:)
Here at Manito, we've been cozying up this ...


Great Holiday Gifts from Manito Silk.

2014 Christmas Gift Ideas – Great Holiday Gifts from Manito Silk
Manito is pleased to announce our great silk holiday gifts for 2014! This year, give the gift of luxurious, exquisite silk to your loved ones. We are featuring some of our most popular silk bedding and silk sleepwear items, so you can spread the joy ...


Mulberry Silk. Explained.

A Mulberry Farm

What is Mulberry Silk?
Simply put, mulberry silk is the best silk that can be manufactured in either natural or man-made environments. Each strand of this pure white substance is both smooth and unbroken, and when woven together, results in a beautiful fabric that is pleasing to all of the senses.
How is Mulberry Silk ...